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Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia, surrounded by supporters of the new Georgia gun bill, signing it into law. [Credit Brant Sanderlin/AJC, via Associated Press.]

So, who exactly supports the new Georgia gun law – I thought the above photo might help flesh this out. Missing from the group photo, but sure to have joined the group for the celebratory golf outing at the country club is Jason Carter, grandson of former President Jimmy Carter and a Democratic candidate for Governor of Georgia, who couldn’t muster the political courage of a housefly and voted as a State Senator for this obscene piece of legislation.

Next up for the group - probably a country club board of governors meeting to make it clear that any white male can pack heat in the country club bar. By the way, the smiling woman in the back of the photo is likely smiling because she has wanted so badly to carry a gun at her kid’s school – she’s probably just a Mom who wants to protect her kids and all the other little kids at the school from bad people.

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