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This website is intended as a place to stimulate thinking about the times in which we live.  Too few voices are heard from the far left in a nation where right of center is the norm and the center is often characterized as the left.  So try to enjoy what I have to say, and maybe even give what I have to say a second thought.  Feel free to comment and for certain, feel free to laugh.


One critical way to contribute is to try to educate our children and others who will listen about public service and the common good – that our communities are only as strong as those within who need help the most and get that help – that government is the compass that guides the way to the common good – that each of us individually is diminished if we ignore suffering around us. Somehow, as a nation, we have lost the way, we kill more than we cure, we watch children go to bed hungry in our midst, we are blind to families living on the street, and the list goes on. We have to teach our children that there is a progressive torch and they are the new bearers of that torch.   I will try to contribute to their journey.

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